Adel Al Quraishi

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Adel Al Quraishi, a photographer from Saudi Arabia, embarked on his artistic journey alongside his business career. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Science from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, he discovered his passion for portrait photography. With an acute interest in capturing the essence of his subjects without words, Al Quraishi set out to communicate through the lens, bridging the gap between the viewfinder and the viewer’s perception.

Mount Arafat

Al Quraishi gained recognition for his poignant portraits of the Guardians of Prophet Mohammed's tomb in Madinah. These captivating images provided a window into the lives of the last surviving eunuchs of an 800-year-old society on the verge of disappearance. Al Quraishi breathed life into each portrait through his masterful lens, forging an unspoken connection that resonates with viewers.

Expanding his focus, Al Quraishi delved into the Holy Mosque in Madinah, producing a comprehensive visual documentation showcased in a book. Capturing the sacred aura, the book enabled audiences to experience the sanctuary through Al Quraishi's discerning lens. Additionally, he delved into the annual ritual of changing the curtains of the Kaaba, resulting in his poignant publication, "Al Astar."

The Holy Mosque in Madinah

Residing and working in Saud, Al Quraishi continues to push the boundaries of portrait photography, merging art and spirituality. His work is a testament to visual storytelling’s power, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to evoke profound emotions and introspection. Al Quraishi’s dedication to his craft and ongoing projects aim to leave an enduring legacy, inspiring others to perceive the inherent beauty within each subject.


Books, Films and Exhibitions

The Guardians (2020)
Al Astar (2022)