A Quest for Beauty in Landscape Photography

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A Quest for Beauty in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography constitutes an eternal pursuit of atmosphere, where light and the pursuit of beauty serve as my key references—an aesthetic anchor. My photographic intent is rooted in a magnetic attraction to expansive spaces coupled with a quest for beautiful light—an inspiring force that resonates with my instinct for freedom.

In photography, my aim is simplicity, capturing images that delve straight into the core of the subject, with minimal elements in the frame. This resolutely minimalist and suggestive approach seeks the essential—conveying not just what a subject is but what it expresses. It’s my way of storytelling, translating my sensibility into landscape photography.

Let’s delve into discussions about beauty and inspiration!

  • Duration: 30 min


03 Mar 2024


15:40 - 16:10
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Stage X


  • Jean-Michel Lenoir
    Jean-Michel Lenoir

    Jean-Michel Lenoir, driven by a lifelong passion for nature, found his creative outlet in photography to capture its enchanting moments. Focused initially on wildlife and expansive landscapes, he cultivated a unique vision. Lenoir’s photographic essence stems from his magnetic connection to wide spaces and a quest for beautiful light, inspiring his pursuit of freedom. Seeking simplicity, his images convey the core of the subject with minimal elements, telling stories and sharing his sensitivity. Praised for aesthetic strength and poetry, Lenoir’s works are featured in books, publications, exhibitions, conferences, and galleries worldwide.

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