About Light, Essence and the Rhythm of Nature

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About Light, Essence and the Rhythm of Nature

“A summer night in the field under a starry sky, the whisper of reeds in the wind, the tinkling beauty of ice floes gathering on the shore, the silence under the canopy of a forest in midsummer, and the fascination of light changing the landscape …”

Sandra Bartocha presents her new lecture celebrating stillness, movement, light, and life. The author takes you on an emotional and atmospheric journey through her photographic journey, trying to capture the essence of places, beginning in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with its quiet lakes, wide fields and meadows, old forests, and the sea – continuing her journey north and finally returning home. Far from mere documentation, she knows how to engage the viewer in the rhythm of nature with her photographic vision, to let them participate in the changing of the seasons, in becoming and passing away. Her images and video sequences celebrate the transience of the moment, the great hidden in the small, the intricate beauty of the subtle and gently guide us on this melancholic trip through the striking allure of the common things.

  • Duration: 30 min


02 Mar 2024


15:10 - 15:40
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Stage X


  • Sandra Bartocha
    Sandra Bartocha

    Sandra Bartocha, a distinguished German photographer, speaker, and author, specializes in natural landscapes and abstract photography to elicit emotional responses. As vice president of the ‘GDT – German Society for Nature Photography,’ chief editor of ‘GDT Forum Naturfotografie,’ and an accomplished author, she has contributed significantly to the field. Bartocha’s acclaimed works, including ‘LYS’ and ‘Rhythm Of Nature,’ have garnered international recognition and awards, displayed in prestigious exhibitions. She played a key role in the ‘Wild Wonders of Europe’ project, showcasing her commitment to environmental photography.

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