Against All Odds

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Against All Odds

By any standards, Rick Smolan has an impressive resumé. As a photographer, he has shot for TIME, Newsweek, and National Geographic. As an entrepreneur, he created the bestselling “DAY IN THE LIFE” books, a series which broke the mold of traditional publishing by selling over 5 million copies. He has gone on to innovate in other ways, publishing smartphone enabled books and award winning television specials and WEBBY award winning apps.

Talking to Smolan, it becomes clear why he named his company Against All Odds Productions. He is nothing if not ambitious, and his projects which involve hundreds of photographers and feature cutting edge technology often teeter on the brink, depending on spontaneity and mountains of goodwill.

Recently, Smolan saw himself reflected through a Hollywood lens when his assignment for National Geographic ,documenting 26-year-old Robyn Davidson who had embarked on a treacherous nine-month trek across the Australian Outback with a team of four camels and her dog Diggity, was transformed into TRACKS, a movie starring Mia Wasikowska as Robyn and Adam Driver portraying Smolan. In his XPOSURE presentation Smolan will share tales and images from his early career beginning as a shy outsider to a #1 New York Times best selling author and noted TED speaker. He will also share NATASHA’S STORY an unforgettable story of a young Amerasian girl, a fateful photograph, and an adoption saga with a twist.

  • Duration: 50 min


04 Mar 2024


17:15 - 18:05
Stage X


Stage X


  • Rick Smolan
    Rick Smolan

    Rick Smolan, a New York Times bestselling author and photojournalist, is acclaimed for the “Day in the Life” books, with over five million copies sold. As a Time, Life, and National Geographic photographer, he merges storytelling with technology. Oprah Winfrey featured his work, and he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. A pioneer in interactive publishing, Smolan’s latest book, “THE GOOD FIGHT,” earned awards and People Magazine recognition. His influential projects, speeches at global events, and foresight into emerging technologies have left a lasting impact on photography and publishing.

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