Best Day Ever: How We Won An Oscar

Best Day Ever or How We Won An Oscar

Best Day Ever: How We Won An Oscar

Experience an exclusive conversation with Oscar-winning filmmakers Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe as they provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their acclaimed film, Two Distant Strangers.

Explore the intricate creative process, delve into the thematic exploration, and journey through the emotional depths of this groundbreaking work. Gain invaluable insights into the challenges faced and triumphs achieved in crafting an Academy Award-winning narrative.

Discover the profound significance and enduring impact of winning an Oscar, as Free and Roe share firsthand experiences and reflections on the prestigious accolade. Don’t miss this enriching dialogue with two visionary storytellers, moderated by Giles Clarke, as they offer unparalleled perspectives on the power and influence of cinema at its highest level.

  • Duration: 40 min

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How We Won An Oscar
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01 Mar 2024


16:15 - 16:55


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  • Travon Free
    Travon Free

    Award-winning writer, actor, and comedian Travon Free boasts an Oscar, five Emmys, and a Peabody Award. As the force behind “Him or Her,” produced by Issa Rae, Free excels in crafting compelling narratives. His diverse contributions range from “Black Monday” to Lena Dunham’s “Camping.” With a rich background in shows like “The Daily Show” and “Full Frontal,” Free’s comedic voice shines in digital spaces and podcasts. Splitting time between NYC and LA, he humorously cherishes his 250+ pairs of shoes.

  • Martin Desmond Roe
    Martin Desmond Roe

    Martin Desmond Roe, a luminary in film, television, and commercial direction, boasts an illustrious career spanning 15 years. With roots in Oxford, Roe co-wrote the acclaimed “Buzkashi Boys,” garnering an Oscar nomination. Founding Dirty Robber, he helmed groundbreaking projects like “Breaking2” and “Tom vs Time,” earning Emmys and Cannes accolades. His crowning achievement came with the Oscar-winning “Two Distant Strangers.” Roe’s diverse portfolio and industry influence solidify his legacy in storytelling.


  • Giles Clarke
    Giles Clarke
    Giles Clarke is a photojournalist focusing on capturing the human face of current and post-conflict issues throughout the world. Since 2017, Clarke has been working closely with UN/OCHA on awareness campaigns in war-torn Yemen and the Sahel region of central Africa.
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