Climate Change at the Extremes

Conservation Panel Discussion

Climate Change at the Extremes

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent all around the world, from the melting Arctic and Antarctic ice caps to collapsing glaciers and melting permafrost. Last year, Antarctica saw temperatures that were 40°C above normal, while the Arctic saw average temperatures that were 30°C above usual. Over the course of just three days, Greenland lost a staggering 18 million tons of water.

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring some of the world’s leading polar explorers, scientists, filmmakers, and photographers. Our distinguished panelists, including James Balog, Carsten Egevang, Esther Horvath, and Robbie Shone, will share their firsthand experiences documenting the impact of climate change on multiple ecosystems, wildlife, and research, as well as the efforts to find solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from experts at the forefront of climate change research and documentation. Together, we can learn more about the challenges we face and how we can work towards a more sustainable future for all.

  • Moderator: Kathy Moran
  • Duration: 60 min


12 Feb 2023


11:30 - 12:30


Xposure Sharjah Auditorium


  • Carsten Egevang
    Carsten Egevang

    Carsten Egevang is a researcher in Arctic biology, an award-winning photographer and a visual communicator specialized in documenting wildlife and culture in Greenland over the past three decades.

    Born in Denmark, Egevang has had a passion for the Arctic regions since his early years. He conducted his master’s and PhD degrees in Biology at the University of Copenhagen, focusing on the ecology of seabirds in Greenland. He was the leader of an international study, where the ground-breaking results documented the migration of the Arctic Tern from the Arctic to the Antarctic

  • Esther Horvath
    Esther Horvath

    Esther Horvath is a Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers, iLCP, a photographer for Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany and a member of The Explorers Club.
    Esther is the recipient of the Infinity Award 2022 by the International Center of Photography, New York.
    She received the 1st prize in World Press Photo Award, Environmental single category in 2020.

    She has received the Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2020 from National Wildlife Federation in the USA for advancing together with the Ranger Rick magazine’s mission: to inspire a love and understanding of wildlife and the natural world in young children.

  • James Balog
    James Balog

    For 40 years, photographer James Balog has broken new conceptual and artistic ground on one of the most important issues of our era: human modification of nature. During the first phase of his career, he was a photojournalist specializing in projects involving landscape, outdoor adventure, wildlife, and technology. Publications like National Geographic, Time, Life, Fortune, Smithsonian, the New York Times Magazine, and many others in Europe and Asia, presented his work.

  • Robbie Shone
    Robbie Shone

    Robbie Shone is a cave explorer and visual storyteller, who is recognised as one of the most accomplished cave photographers in the world. He is based in the heart of the Alps in the scenic alpine town of Innsbruck, Austria. Whilst completing a B.A. in Fine Art and Photography, Sheffield, UK, Robbie pursued his love of the outdoors. He developed a strong interest in caving, and in particular the challenges that cave photography has to offer.

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