Extreme Panoramic Landscapes

Alex Wides Seminar

Extreme Panoramic Landscapes

Alex Wides will open an enlightening discussion on landscape photography in its purest essence. Delving into the profound relationship between humanity and nature, Wides will draw connections to the trailblazing landscape photographers of the past and present, unraveling the evolving techniques that have shaped this art form.

The talk will seamlessly progress to explore various subsets of landscape photography, culminating in a spotlight on panoramic images and their extraordinary role in this field. Wides will intimately share his personal journey, shedding light on how he has transformed his passion for landscape photography into a fulfilling way of life—both professionally and emotionally. As the talk reaches its conclusion, the audience will be left with a lingering curiosity to delve deeper into the enchanting world of experiencing nature through the lens.

  • Duration: 30 min


01 Mar 2024


14:45 - 15:15


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Stage X


  • Alex Wides
    Alex Wides

    Born in Rome in 1986, Alex, an architect turned photographer, embraced his passion in 2008. Under the mentorship of Steve McCurry’s assistant for portraiture and courses with Daniel Kordan and Max Rive for landscapes, he cultivated a globally recognized style. Alex, renowned for ultrawide panoramas, has mastered the ultra-wide-angle lens, earning international acclaim. His expeditions and unique technique define his work. As a successful entrepreneur, he leads worldwide photo tours, heads Italy’s largest landscape photography community, and inspires thousands annually.

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