From Poetry to Protests to Super Powered Youth: An Unconventional Journey


From Poetry to Protests to Super Powered Youth: An Unconventional Journey

Join photographer Karen Zusman on her unconventional journey as she shares the experiences that have shaped her career and the Leica Award-winning project that arose from her activism. From meditating in a monastery in Myanmar to documenting stories of human trafficking, from capturing images of fragility and fortitude in Cuba to joining a bicycle protest group for Black Lives Matter in Brooklyn,Zusman’s journey has been anything but ordinary.

Hear more about her inspiring story and the impact of The SuperPower of Me Project, which aims to give children a platform to use their voices in every community worldwide.


  • Duration: 40 min


15 Nov 2023


15:00 - 15:40


  • Karen Zusman
    Karen Zusman

    While self-taught in photography, Karen Zusman has an MFA in poetry. Her work is a mix of documentary, street, and portraiture and is recognized for its intimacy, warmth and lyrical sensibility from seeing the world through a poet’s eyes. She is a Leica Women’s Foto Project Awardee, a Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting Grantee, and was a guest speaker at UNESCO’s training for young human rights leaders in Bangkok. Her work has been broadcast on PBS, NPR, ABC News and NY1 and published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Boston Magazine and others.

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