Generative Ai: An alternative approach to art, architecture through humanity

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Generative Ai: An alternative approach to art, architecture through humanity

Architecture is the cornerstone of our visual identity since the dawn of human civilization. It has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, often being harnessed to showcase the might of the powerful or to send enduring messages that stand the test of time, while reflects the capabilities and paradigms of our ancestors.

As we enter the age of generative AI, architecture is shifting—or rather, being pushed—towards the realm of a post-digital era where our tools amplify our philosophies and follow our intentions. This evolution poses critical questions: Beyond our fears and flags of AI taking over creative jobs, what can generative AI offer beyond amplifying our current capacities and efficiencies? What roles do both developers and creatives have in using these tools to challenge the status quo? How can we employ AI not just for the benefit of individuals, but for the entire human race, or perhaps even the planet?

In this talk, I will share my perspective on the current use of Generative Text-to-Image AI, highlighting both its potential and pitfalls. I will present these insights through the lens of my career spanning over 15 years in art, architecture, design, construction, and technology. This discussion aims to explore how all creative disciplines can converge into a vision for a better future.

  • Duration: 30 min


03 Mar 2024


15:05 - 15:35
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Stage X


  • Hassan Ragab
    Hassan Ragab

    Hassan Ragab, an Egyptian designer and conceptual artist in Southern California, brings a diverse 13-year background spanning architecture, museography, computational design, furniture design, construction, and generative arts. Actively exploring architectural conceptual arts, Ragab employs computational design, AI, and graphic design tools. His work delves into the philosophy of architecture, exploring the dynamic interplay between contemporary technology, historical built environments, and the intricate connections between architecture, art, and social-historical contexts.

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