Guardians of Life: Caring for Land the Indigenous Way

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Guardians of Life: Caring for Land the Indigenous Way

When you think of the great beauty of the natural world, you probably think of Indigenous protected areas: the coral reefs of the Pacific, the rainforests of the Amazon, or the even the tundra of the Arctic.

Few people understand that these lands and seas, lauded for their biodiversity and loved for epic beauty, almost always lack formal protections. Instead, for millennia, they have been protected and managed by Indigenous peoples.

As biodiversity plummets around the globe, conservationists are starting to understand that the reason the lands of Indigenous peoples are coveted is because they have been stewarded so well. But how is this accomplished?

Join me, National Geographic photographer Kiliii Yuyan, as we explore the secrets of Indigenous stewardship- from the sacred mountains of Mongolia to the fire-managed woodlands of Australia.

  • Duration: 50 min


29 Feb 2024


13:55 - 14:45
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  • Kiliii Yuyan
    Kiliii Yuyan

    Kiliii Yuyan, a photographer of Nanai/Hèzhé and Chinese ancestry, captures compelling stories of lives intertwined with the land and sea. Armed with Arctic survival skills and a cultural curiosity, he explores extreme environments, revealing diverse human relationships with nature. Kiliii’s work, featured in National Geographic, TIME, and global galleries, earned him the prestigious Eliza Scidmore Award in 2023. Renowned for his storytelling, his adventures, from facing polar bears to diving with otters, inspire audiences worldwide to appreciate multicultural perspectives and the beauty of nature.

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