Guns, Beauty and the Anthropocene: A journey to the dark side of modern culture

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Guns, Beauty and the Anthropocene: A journey to the dark side of modern culture

Zed Nelson will take us behind the scenes on his three major book projects, leading up to his latest major work, ‘The Anthropocene Illusion’ (currently exhibited at Sharjah).

Starting with his multi-award-winning book and exhibition project, ‘Gun Nation’ – a project that explores the paradox of why America’s most potent symbol of freedom is also one of its greatest killers. Nelson will then show and discuss ‘Love Me’ – a book and exhibition project that reflects on the cultural and commercial forces that drive a global obsession with youth and beauty.

Finally, Nelson will talk about his newest work, ‘The Anthropocene Illusion’, premiering at Sharjah for the first time since completion. A project spanning fourteen countries across four continents, revealing how – while we destroy the natural world around us – we have become masters of a stage-managed, artificial ‘experience’ of nature – a reassuring spectacle, an illusion.

  • Duration: 50 min


02 Mar 2024


17:55 - 18:45
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Stage X


  • Zed Nelson
    Zed Nelson

    Zed Nelson, acclaimed for insightful long-term projects probing contemporary society, focuses on the nexus of modern capitalism and human psychology. His latest work, ‘The Anthropocene Illusion,’ spanning six years and four continents, critiques humanity’s disconnect from nature amidst environmental degradation. Nelson’s three monographs, ‘Gun Nation,’ ‘Love Me,’ and ‘A Portrait of Hackney,’ highlight his impactful storytelling. Award-winning, his work has been exhibited globally, featured in prestigious institutions like Tate Britain and the V&A Museum.

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