It’s Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation

It's Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation

It’s Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation

A documentary and film directed by Simone Kisiel
Directed by Simone Kisiel

“It’s Good Business: Moving Beyond ConservationIt’s Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation” is a short documentary that explores the antiquated idea that capitalism must be at odds with the health of the environment in order to profit.

While we all want to protect our planet, current models of environmental conservation are failing. It’s clear that we desperately need a different approach to protecting nature. In 1990’s Mexico, many believed rampant deforestation was simply the cost of doing business. But one man saw an alternative, and launched what would become the most successful biodiversity program in history: CONABIO. This documentary analyzes what made CONABIO successful, where other conservation efforts have so dramatically failed.



  • Duration: 15 min


14 Feb 2023


11:45 - 12:00


Film Screening
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