Photography: The Universal Language To Bring Positive Change

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Photography: The Universal Language To Bring Positive Change

Wildlife photojournalist Britta Jaschinski believes that the universal language of photography, is the best motivation for creating positive change.

With her images, she provides the evidence to call upon governments, lawmakers, businesses, opinion leaders and consumers to implement the urgent and necessary changes to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all humans and animals.

Too often we forget that all life on Earth is interconnected. We are part of the natural web of life that supports and sustains us. It is not too late. Simple change could drastically reduce the biggest threats facing humanity.

  • Duration: 40 min


03 Mar 2024


16:15 - 16:55
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Stage X


  • Britta Jaschinski
    Britta Jaschinski

    Renowned for her impactful photojournalism, Britta Jaschinski is hailed as one of the most influential contemporary photographers. With numerous international awards, she collaborates with authorities, environmental organizations, and global institutions, documenting wildlife and nature crimes. Her compelling images grace global publications and exhibitions, shedding light on interconnected life on Earth. A captivating speaker at photo festivals and conservation events, Jaschinski co-creates initiatives combating illegal wildlife trade and promoting awareness of Earth’s interdependence. Born in Germany, she resides in London when not on her investigative assignments.

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