Place & Identity: 4 Emerging Emirati Women Artists

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Place & Identity: 4 Emerging Emirati Women Artists

The UAE’s standing as a global cultural hub is undergoing rapid transformation. The Saadiyat Cultural District has emerged as a pivotal force in the burgeoning art scene, marked by the establishment of prominent institutions such as the Sheikh Zayed National Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Currently, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Manarat Al Saadiyat and the UAE Pavilion serve as dynamic platforms, hosting a diverse array of exhibitions, special events, art fairs, public programs, and educational initiatives.

Sharjah, hosting Xposure, an art biennale, and boasting a historic district with numerous museums and galleries, poignantly contributes to the UAE’s cultural vibrancy.

In Dubai, there are over 90 local and international galleries, with the city being the proud home of Art Dubai—a premier international art fair in the Middle East and the recent host of the World Expo and COP28.

These facets not only establish the UAE as a thriving, business-focused hub propelled by the petroleum and energy sectors but also position it as an alluring destination for the arts and cultural education. Dr Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou aims to elucidate the trajectory of the UAE’s artistic development by analyzing the creations of Samar Al Wahedi, Shereen Alzaabi, Huda AlBreiki and Salmah AlManoori. The objective is to delve into the conceptual and contextual frameworks and approaches employed by these emerging artists as they navigate the evolving landscape of the Region.

  • Duration: 30 min


04 Mar 2024


15:45 - 16:15
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  • Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou
    Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou

    Dr. Ioannis Galanopoulos-Papavasileiou, also known as Yiannis Galanopoulos, is an Associate Professor of Art at Zayed University, UAE, and a contemporary interdisciplinary visual artist. His photographic work has been exhibited globally, including prestigious venues like the Athens Photo Festival, the Venice Biennale, and the Pingyao International Photography Festival. With works in private and public collections, his expanded photography explores the relationships between ideated, geographic, and virtual spaces, as well as the connections between objects, artists, media, viewers, and society. Ioannis is also a prolific writer on photography and film, contributing to esteemed research journals and publications.

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