Space Shuttle: Ready for Flight


Space Shuttle: Ready for Flight

Join Chip Doherty, a former Space Shuttle Systems Engineer, as he provides an in-depth look at the Space Shuttle, one of the most incredible space and human transportation vehicles ever created by humanity. Thousands of engineers, rocket scientists, technicians, and support staff spent decades perfecting the art and science of human transportation into low Earth orbit.

During this talk, Chip will provide a system summary of the Space Shuttle, including its use of three main engines and twin solid rocket boosters. He will also discuss the reusable, high-performance liquid propellant rocket engines that power the Space Shuttle, fueled by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Learn about the incredible engineering and technology behind the Space Shuttle and how it has helped explore the final frontier.

  • Duration: 15 min


12 Feb 2023


17:05 - 17:20


  • Chip Doherty
    Chip Doherty

    Chip Doherty has Started, Owned (or Co-Owned), Grown, and Successfully Sold multiple Engineering, Manufacturing and Products Based Businesses. He has been involved in Project Management for both Small and Large-Scale Building Development and Construction Projects and Factories around the Globe and Throughout Emerging Markets. Chip has Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Installed hundreds of specialized pieces of custom High-Tech Equipment and Components serving the Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Aerospace and Related Industries.

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