The Art of Horse Photography

The Art of Horse Photography Seminar Cover

The Art of Horse Photography

Horses have obtained a distinguished place among humans, unrivaled by any other creature. They have held great significance in beliefs, mythologies, and arts across diverse cultures and human societies. This is reflected in the artistic output of humanity, evident in primitive cave drawings portraying horses, as well as sculptures, murals, and paintings. As technologies have advanced, horses have found an esteemed place in photography.

Join Bengin Ahmad for a talk titled “The Art of Horse Photography”. He will discuss the significance of this photography theme, as well as exploring the world of horses by learning their details and establishing communication in order to capture great moments. The lecture will also cover the symbolic and artistic meanings linked with horses, whether in their anatomical structure, postures, or body language. It will also discuss key aspects to focus on and things to avoid during a photo session, aiming to enhance results and achieve artistic pieces marked by creativity.

  • Duration: 40 min


01 Mar 2024


14:00 - 14:40
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  • Bengin Ahmad
    Bengin Ahmad

    Bengin Ahmad, an award-winning photographer and creative director based in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, specializes in Horse & Equine Photography. Born into a Kurdish family in Aleppo, Syria, his early exposure to diverse cultures fueled his passion for creative direction and digital arts. Since initiating his photography journey in 2007, Bengin has achieved numerous international awards, including being the first Syrian and Kurdish photographer to obtain the Crown 1 distinction from the Global Photographic Union. He conducts workshops, lectures, and serves as a jury member for prestigious photographic contests.

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