The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia

The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia Film Screening

The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia

A wildlife documentary and film directed by DILUM ALAGIYAWANNA

The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia is a rare and remarkable phenomenon in which large numbers of Asian elephants congregate in a specific area. The largest known gathering of Asian elephants occurs in the Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka, where hundreds of elephants can be seen simultaneously. The gathering typically occurs during the dry season, from June to September, when water and food resources become scarce.

During this time, elephants from the surrounding area gather in the Minneriya tank, an ancient man-made reservoir, to access the remaining water and grass. The gathering is also thought to serve a social purpose, with elephants using the opportunity to interact and bond with other members of their species. The gathering is considered a unique and spectacular natural event, drawing many tourists to the area to observe the elephants.

However, the gathering can also have a negative impact on the local ecosystem. The large numbers of elephants can cause damage to vegetation and disrupt the balance of the ecosystem. In addition, the increased human activity in the area can also affect the elephants’ behaviour and disrupt their natural habits. Conservation efforts are in place to mitigate these negative effects, such as limiting the number of tourists allowed in the area at one time and implementing measures to protect the vegetation.

The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia is a unique and fascinating event highlighting the importance of conservation efforts to protect these magnificent animals and their natural habitats.

Director of Photography: DILUM ALAGIYAWANNA





  • Duration: 20 min


13 Feb 2023


15:00 - 15:20
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