The Lenses of Perception: Seeing the potential in others

Mark Julian Edwards

The Lenses of Perception: Seeing the potential in others

It is said “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are – or, as we are conditioned to see it”.

The is a powerful and practical talk aimed at Leaders in how we can truly empower others to believe they are capable of so much more (often than they believe themselves to be).  By proactively choosing the Lens with which we see our people we begin to change others reality.

We share how we can adopt the “explorer mindset” with regards to how we look to see the true potential which lies within our people, when we lead Mark shares the story behind his TEDx where he worked with 18  senior female leaders using a combination of coaching and photography to discover and then anchor in their signature strengths.  He shared his own story of how he leant into his strengths to write his own portrait book, work as a travel show presenter and write for the Lonely Planet and all with no prior experience or qualifications.

  • Duration: 40 min


28 Feb 2024


14:15 - 14:55
Stage X


Stage X


  • Mark Julian Edwards
    Mark Julian Edwards

    Mark Julian Edwards, a versatile British artist, excels as a portrait photographer and writer, blending coaching and photography to reveal subjects’ key strengths. Renowned for the “Faces of Mallorca” project, celebrating diversity in Spain, his work has graced galleries from Mallorca to New York and garnered media attention. In 2022, he contributed to Lonely Planet’s Andalucía and Spain guides. A TEDx speaker since 2021, Mark’s visually captivating portraits and leadership coaching make him a unique talent in both photography and motivational speaking.

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