The Power of Emotion in Photography

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The Power of Emotion in Photography

In March 2023 Charlie Hamilton James travelled to Kenya to photograph a model looking at her phone as she sunbathed next t he corpse of a dead elephant. The image ‘Scrolling to Indifference’ was a comment on how we the escapism of our phones is blinding us to what is going on in the world. The image was extremely powerful because it elicited a set of emotional responses in the viewer – it was very carefully designed to.

In his talk at Xposure Charlie will explain the power of emotion in photography and how he uses it in his work as an artist and photojournalist; while also workshopping how he transitioned from a highly technical photographer to one that puts emotion front and centre of his work. ‘Emotion in photography is like charisma’ Charlie explains. ‘It’s almost impossible to put a finger on what it is, but without it a photo has little meaning.’

Charle will show examples of his imagery and work from his early years as a wildlife photographer for National Geographic, all the way up to his recent art project ‘End Times.’

  • Duration: 40 min


29 Feb 2024


18:05 - 18:45
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  • Charlie Hamilton James
    Charlie Hamilton James

    Charlie Hamilton James, a British photographer for National Geographic, excels in wildlife and conservation imagery. His technically complex work explores the intricate connection between humans and wildlife, focusing on East Africa and South America. With a three-decade career as a filmmaker for the BBC and National Geographic, he has earned accolades like the National Geographic Photographer award and the Wildscreen Award for Cinematography, showcasing his profound impact on visual storytelling in the realm of nature and conservation.

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