Through the Lens of War: The Photojournalist’s Ethical Crossroads

Through the Lens of War: The Photojournalist's Ethical Crossroads

Through the Lens of War: The Photojournalist’s Ethical Crossroads

Join Afshin Ismaeli in his compelling session, “Navigating the Ethical Crossroads: A Photojournalist’s Journey Through War.” In this presentation, Afshin will share his profound experiences as a photographer in various war zones, shedding light on the challenging decisions faced by photojournalists. Delve into the complexities of capturing images in the midst of conflict, where the desire for positive change often collides with the harsh reality of recurring tragedies.

Afshin will eloquently express the poignant sense of déjà vu that haunts photojournalists documenting war after war, questioning the impact when the world seems impervious to their work. As a witness to the human cost of conflict, he will explore the emotional toll on those behind the camera and the struggle to find purpose amid ongoing violence.

The presentation will engage with the delicate balance photojournalists navigate between truth-telling and preserving the dignity of those caught in war’s crossfire. Gain insights into the profound responsibility carried by individuals in this profession and the constant battle to maintain hope in the face of seemingly unending challenges. Afshin Ismaeli’s talk promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the transformative power of images and the introspection required of those who capture them.

  • Duration: 30 min


05 Mar 2024


13:50 - 14:20


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Stage X


  • Afshin Ismaeli
    Afshin Ismaeli

    Afshin Ismaeli, born in 1985 in Iran and raised in Iraq, is a renowned Norwegian war photographer. His career is marked by a commitment to highlighting the human toll of conflict, with a focus on Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Ismaeli’s empathetic and award-winning photography captures the struggles of those affected by war, earning him accolades such as the Ossietzky Award for freedom of expression. His impactful coverage of the fall of Kabul in 2021 solidified his reputation as a leading war photographer. Ismaeli is currently a journalist and photographer for Aftenposten, contributing significantly to the field.

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