TONE is a cinematic experience set in a crumbling future society in which an oppressive regime rules the land with an iron fist. It is the story of two outlaws who have suffered unimaginable loss and heal through their coming together. The film is rich with visuals made using techniques that have been abandoned by Hollywood, such as the use of miniatures and matte paintings. In addition to giving a stunning performance, the film’s leading actress, Meredith Placko, hand-made the majority of her wardrobe. Antonio Bond shines as the film’s namesake. The narration was provided by acclaimed actor Walton Goggins. The film was written, photographed, and directed by Dan Winters, who also constructed the miniatures and designed and supervised the construction of each set. The film was made possible by a dedicated crew comprised partly of film students from the University of Texas at Austin and close friends who made invaluable contributions towards the film’s completion.

Directed, Written & Photographed by Dan Winters

Produced by David Rafailovich

Executive Produced by Kathryn Winters and James Hughes

  • Duration: 100 min


29 Feb 2024


14:45 - 16:25


Film Screening
Film Stage


Film Stage


  • Dan Winters
    Dan Winters

    After studying photography at college in Southern California, Dan Winters finished his formal education at the film school of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. He began his career in photography as a photojournalist for a newspaper in Ventura County, California. After winning several regional awards for his work, he moved to New York City, where magazine assignments came rapidly. He is widely recognized for his celebrity portraiture, scientific and aerospace photography, photojournalism, and illustrations.

  • Film Screening
    Film Screening

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