What is Left

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What is Left

Join Nicole Tung for this session “What is Left”. In this presentation, Nicole will share her experiences of covering conflicts since 2011, and discuss the continued role and photojournalists have in documenting the social changes taking place within various contexts of conflict. Nicole will look at the moral complexities in navigating the role of a photographer and witness, and the importance of documenting the aftermath. She will also examine how photojournalism, lying at the crossroads of documentary, art, and journalism, exists on an all-encompassing plane of various experiences and emotions, and what the photographer’s responsibility is in recording that.

Her presentation will also question if images can defy apathy in the loop of ever-more violent cycle of news. Nicole will delve into how she attempts to strike a balance between focusing on the reality and capturing hope and resilience that exist alongside it. She will also reflect on the internal dialogue she experiences as the photographer, questioning values and morals, and the necessity of empathy.

Nicole Tung’s session promises to be a thought-provoking 40 minutes that will highlight images of intimacy amidst uncertainty.

  • Duration: 40 min


02 Mar 2024


17:10 - 17:50


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Stage X


  • Nicole Tung
    Nicole Tung

    Nicole Tung, a Hong Kong-born photojournalist and NYU graduate, is renowned for her impactful coverage of global conflicts and humanitarian issues. Working as a freelance journalist, she’s documented events from the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tung’s work, often focusing on the human toll of conflict, has been exhibited globally and earned her prestigious awards. Beyond her lens, she advocates for the safety of freelance journalists, emphasizing the vital role journalism plays in exposing the human cost of crises. Currently based in Istanbul, her dedication continues to inspire.

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