Wild Eyes: The radical promise of rewilding to restore our ailing planet

Beth Wald Seminar

Wild Eyes: The radical promise of rewilding to restore our ailing planet

In this presentation, Beth Wald takes us on a visual journey, exploring protected areas around the world and their relative success or failure, looking at how parks are created, what and who benefits from protected areas and the importance of restoring species or “rewilding”. She will ask questions about our concept of wilderness/wildness, how disconnection from nature leads to its destruction and the role of photography and other visual story-telling in conservation.

The talk will center on Wald’s long-term documentation of ambitious land-protection and rewilding efforts in South America, projects of Tompkins Conservation and its offspring organizations, Rewilding Argentina and Rewilding Chile. She will look at how these initiatives and others are critical in reversing the climate and biodiversity crises.

  • Duration: 40 min


29 Feb 2024


14:50 - 15:30
Stage X


Stage X


  • Beth Wald
    Beth Wald

    Award-winning photographer Beth Wald intricately explores humanity’s intricate relationship with the environment in her captivating narratives. With three decades of experience, her work, featured in esteemed publications and endorsed by prominent brands, focuses on the resilience of traditional cultures facing environmental challenges globally. Beth’s workshops and partnerships demonstrate her commitment to visual storytelling for change. Her sensitive depictions have earned prestigious awards, including the Rowell Award, reinforcing her dedication to capturing disappearing lifeways and environmental solutions. Currently in New Mexico, she documents issues of water, agriculture, and rural gentrification.

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