Film Festival & Awards

Illuminating Stories, Capturing Moments, Celebrating Visionaries.


Enter the vibrant fusion of creativity and excellence at the Xposure International Photography & Film Festival. As a renowned photography festival, Xposure has now expanded to include the dynamic realm of film. The Xposure Film Awards take the stage, illuminating exceptional accomplishments in documentary filmmaking, cinematography, and animation. This unique celebration seamlessly weaves together the festival’s esteemed photography roots with an exciting new chapter in the world of film, showcasing the art of visual storytelling in all its diverse and captivating forms.

Embark on a narrative journey with our Documentary Category and the Best Documentary Award. Filmmakers within this category skillfully explore real-world narratives, capturing the essence of the human experience, societal issues, and untold stories. These documentaries, vying for the esteemed award, act as powerful lenses, offering audiences a compelling means to delve into and grasp the complexities of our world.

The Best Cinematography award recognizes the mastery of visual language, celebrating the skillful use of camera work, lighting, and composition to create cinematic wonders. This category pays homage to those who transform stories into visually stunning and emotionally resonant experiences.

In the realm of animation, the Best Animation award celebrates the boundless creativity and innovation in bringing characters and worlds to life through the magic of animation. From traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, this category showcases the diverse and captivating artistry within the animated storytelling landscape.

Submit your films effortlessly to the Xposure International Photography & Film Festival through our convenient partnership with FilmFreeway. This user-friendly platform streamlines the submission process for documentaries, cinematography, and animation. Visit our festival page on FilmFreeway, follow the detailed instructions, and upload your work. FilmFreeway ensures a secure and efficient way for our selection committee to review your film, making the submission process a seamless experience for filmmakers. Join us in celebrating visual storytelling at the Xposure Festival.