Laetitia Vançon

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Laetitia Vançon is a contemporary French photographer, based in Germany, who has gained recognition for her powerful and thoughtful documentary work. She is known for her ability to capture the essence of her subjects and their surroundings, often shedding light on social issues. Laetitia immersed herself in the story, understanding the nuances and helping readers understand the world around them through her photography. Her greatest gift is her ability to communicate and connect with the people she photographs and show their humanity and resilience in the face of hardship. During the past few years, Laetitia Vançon works on assignments across the Globe for the New York Times. Her work ethic, dedication, deep compassion, courage and above all stunning photography stand out assignment after assignment, without fail. The result is breathtaking, a thought-out, comprehensive body of work that shows humanity, hope and courage.

Secondary school graduates dance in front of the opera and ballet

In June 2022, Laetitia Vancon worked for three weeks in Ukraine, focusing on the Odesa region and city, a symbolic and strategic place. Almost six months after the war began, Odesa was resisting, not untouched, but unbowed. Odesa - the crux of the war not only because it holds the key to the Black Sea but also because in it the battle between Russian and Ukrainian identity — an imperial past and a democratic future, a closed system and one connected to the world. Laetitia captured scenes of daily life, like in the picture where Secondary school graduates dance in front of the opera and ballet theatre and create a video to show the world what they have lost because of the war. Scenes that sometimes seem far removed from those of a country at war and yet show the resilience of an entire nation.

One of Laetitia Vançon's favorite personal projects is cantered around the youth community residing in the Outer Hebridean Isles, located in the northern region of Scotland. That project explores the challenges faced by the younger generation as they grapple with economic decline, cultural shifts, and an aging population. Vançon's work examines whether the youth can develop a strong enough sense of belonging to support the islands as they face political pressures brought on by decentralization and globalization. Ultimately, the project raises questions about the future of this Gaelic settlement and whether the younger generation will continue its legacy.

Vançon  likes to work with distinctive cases, documenting people in their intimacy, she believe that intimate moments are the most moving and challenging ones to look at, to question, and the ones that can also connect us emotionally across continents and despite our differences.

Laetitia believes Empathy, authenticity and understanding are the keys to portray stories truthfully. She has the ability to build trust and respect with her subjects thus allowing her to express a substantial vulnerability that is as sincere as it is elusive to capture.

Since 2015, Laetitia Vançon has been working with the New York Times to produce exceptional international stories. Over the years, she has been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2020 POYi News Story, 2019 Sony Awards Professional Portraiture, 2018 Emergent Talent Gacilly Photo Festival, 2017 LensCulture’s Exposure, 2017 Feature Shoot Emerging Photography, 2016 Bourse du Talent Finalist for “At the end of the day,” and the 2015 Photofestival Les Boutographies for “My Home, My Prison.”