Will Taylor

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Will Taylor, a newly prominent name in the motion design scene, is someone to watch. Beginning his career in motion design at age 11, Will, also known online as “wlroo”, now works remotely with Ravie, an animation-centric brand agency based in North Carolina.

In 2021, Will Taylor was shortlisted and ultimately placed 3rd in the UK in the national “Side Hustle Initiative” competition, pitching his online design community, which now boasts over 4,000 members globally. Building this platform and connecting with other creatives ultimately helped to diversify Will’s skillset and refine his unique creative style, which later proved invaluable when sharing his knowledge with his online audience.

A frame from one of Will’s latest projects for The Animation Framework.
Will Taylor started working with Ravie in January 2023 and, since then, has had the pleasure of working on projects for numerous multi-billion companies such as Keller Williams Realty and Chick-fil-A. At just 20 years old, Will Taylor’s online following now totals over 40,000 people across all platforms, acting as a testament to his success as a motion designer so early in his professional career.
In late 2022, Will Taylor began to release his debut tutorial series, ‘Daily After Effects Tips’, where, for 100 days, he shared value with his audience daily. After gaining remarkable attention on social media, Will’s given talks to high schools, taken part in online design gameshows and been recognised by media outlets for his expertise in After Effects.
A frame from one of Will’s latest personal projects.

Will Taylor secured 4th place in #R500Contest (2020), 2nd place in #PTDC21 (2020), and 1st place in #ADCON2021 (2021). His entrepreneurial prowess shone through, clinching 3rd place in The Side Hustle Initiative (2021). The momentum continued with a 2nd place win in Design Royale: Motion Design Edition (2022). Taylor’s influence peaked with the release of a 100-day ‘Daily After Effects Tips’ series (2022-2023). Recognized for his talent, he joined Ravie in 2023, showcasing commissioned work before audiences of 20,000+.