Soran Qurbani

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Soran Qurbani, a talented documentary filmmaker and photographer, was born into a Kurdish family in Iran during the turbulent years that followed the 1979 revolution. His birth into a region engulfed in a civil war shaped his life and artistic journey, providing him with a profound passion for capturing the human experience amidst conflict and turmoil.

From a young age, Soran witnessed the devastating effects of social and political unrest on individuals and communities. The experiences and struggles faced by those around him fueled his desire to understand and shed light on their stories. Through his lens, Soran sought to bridge the gap between people’s lives and the wider world, giving a voice to those who often go unheard.

A woman who defeated darkness.

As Soran grew up in an environment filled with unrest, he developed a unique perspective on social and political conflicts. His innate empathy and curiosity led him to delve deep into the lives of individuals enduring the consequences of these conflicts. He embarked on a journey to capture their experiences, hoping to foster a greater understanding and empathy among audiences.

Soran's dedication to documenting the human experience amidst conflict and turmoil led him to explore various regions affected by strife and instability. He traveled to war zones, refugee camps, and areas devastated by natural disasters, seeking to convey the resilience, strength, and humanity of those who have been marginalized and affected by these events.


Through his lens, Soran captured raw and intimate moments, revealing the untold stories of individuals who were often overlooked by mainstream media. His photographs and documentaries aimed to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and inspire compassion and action.

Soran’s work as a documentary filmmaker and photographer has earned him recognition and acclaim internationally. His powerful visuals and storytelling abilities have allowed him to bring attention to critical social and political issues, sparking conversations and raising awareness among diverse audiences.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Soran has also been actively involved in humanitarian efforts. He has collaborated with organizations and NGOs, using his work as a platform to advocate for positive change and social justice.

Soran Qurbani continues to capture the human experience in conflict and turmoil, using his skills as a filmmaker and photographer to expose truths, challenge perceptions, and give a voice to the voiceless. His dedication to telling stories of resilience and hope serves as an inspiration to both fellow artists and individuals striving for a more compassionate and just world.