Alia Sultan Aljoker

Alia Sultan Aljoker is a female artist that was born in Deira, the heart of old Dubai. Her fondness for photos and cameras paved the way for her to join the art field and become a photographer. AlJoker’s creativity has opened up so many doors for her professionally and personally. Her creativeness reflected well in her hobby, photography, whereas most photos can be seen as art pieces rather than a picture.


Hope Mars Mission (Mission accomplished)
To people, a photo is just a reflection of a moment, but to Alia, a photograph tells a story, not just a moment. Alia uses photography to reflect on social issues within her society. Shedding light on the ongoing (Social issues)
Alia is continuously sharing with the world her stories through her photography, not to capture a moment but to share a story that only the eye can read, as, through a photograph, a thousand words are achieved.
Heritage meets modernity

Alia’s Message : Strong Future depends on strong roots