Andrew Tshabangu

Andrew Tshabangu


Andrew Tshabangu, born in Soweto in 1966, is a prominent figure in the world of photography, mainly known for his unique style and focus on capturing black communities’ rituals and daily life in urban Africa. His work often incorporates surreal smoky lighting, adding depth and mystery to his compositions.

Significant contributions to the art form, education, and mentorship have marked Tshabangu’s journey to becoming an internationally recognized photographer. His involvement in teaching, such as at the Children’s Photography Workshop in 1995 and the Market Photo Workshop in 1998, demonstrates his commitment to nurturing aspiring photographers and fostering creativity within the field.

One notable workshop conducted by Tshabangu was the ‘Amnesia: Platform III’ photography workshop held at the Goethe Institut in Nairobi in 2008. Workshops like these provide platforms for dialogue, learning, and collaboration among photographers, enriching the photography community and contributing to developing the art form in various regions.

Tshabangu’s impact extends beyond his photographic work; his dedication to education and sharing his knowledge and experience has left a lasting impression on the next generation of photographers in Africa and beyond.