Ayed Tadros

Ayed Tadros Bio Headshot

Ayed Tadros is a Jordanian photographer and established legal professional who has called Dubai home for the past decade, balancing a thriving legal career with a profound passion for photography. Specialising in landscape, travel, and portrait photography, Ayed’s lens reflects the diverse tapestry of cultures and landscapes he encounters. Recently drawn to Africa, he embarked on a captivating photography and camping expedition to Namibia and more recently to Kenya, with plans to explore more African countries.

A story untold – Kenya
Ayed’s photographic journey began as a respite from a demanding legal profession, seeking calmness and simplicity amidst life’s complexities. Travel serves as the backdrop for his visual narratives, providing unique opportunities to capture the beauty and stories hidden in plain sight.

Through his lens, Ayed shares the emotions that define our existence, making photography more than a passion – it is his chosen language to communicate thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to the world.
In 2012, Ayed attended King’s College London and obtained his LLM degree in International Business Law. During his year there, he documented his London living experience in photos and printed his first personal photography book titled “London: the Capital of the World”.
Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.

Living by Ansel Adams’ philosophy, Ayed considers photography a “way of feeling, touching, and loving”. Beyond his professional confines, photography stands as his preferred mode of communication, embodying the delicate dance between law and art. As he continues his journey, Ayed remains committed to exploring the world through his lens, capturing the essence of life and beauty of planet earth in every frame.