Bengin Ahmad

Bengin Ahmad Biop Headshot

Bengin Ahmad, a renowned photographer and creative director based in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, has made a name for himself in the world of photography with his specialization in Horse and Equine Photography. Born into a Kurdish family in Aleppo, Syria, Bengin was fortunate to be exposed to the rich arts, diverse ethnicities, and cultures of the people of Aleppo and Syrians. These early experiences served as a profound inspiration, fueling his passion for creative direction and digital arts.

In 2007, Bengin embarked on his photography journey, capturing the essence of Aleppo’s ancient streets, the majestic citadel, and the captivating portraits of individuals from various Syrian ethnicities. His deep connection with both the Kurdish and Arabic cultures led him to discover his affinity for horses and their close association with these cultures.

The Prayer of Kurdistan Horse
In 2009, Bengin held his first solo photography exhibition in Aleppo, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. Since then, he has participated in numerous international photographic contests, where he has achieved remarkable success, ultimately becoming the first Syrian and first Kurdish photographer to be honored with the Crown 1 distinction from the Global Photographic Union.
Bengin perceives art and knowledge as inseparable, forming the foundation of his designs and artworks, including his photography. He believes that while innate knowledge can convey stories that elude words or collective human experiences, acquired knowledge can enhance the interpretation of artworks, enriching the narrative they hold.
Arabian Gaze

While Bengin acknowledges the value of photographic rules and themes as a starting point, he constantly strives to break those boundaries through his creative vision. He aptly compares this approach to someone learning to write with a pen and paper, gradually developing their skills and creativity to produce calligraphy that defies conventions, resulting in remarkable works of art.

As passionate as he is about composing music, Bengin views photography themes as different music genres. While he is adept at capturing various subjects, some genres resonate more deeply with him. Horse Photography, in particular, holds a special place in his heart, as he finds inspiration in the characteristics of horses such as freedom, peace, and loyalty.

Equine photography stands out as one of the most powerful and captivating subjects in Bengin’s repertoire. He embarks on journeys to countries and locations renowned for horse breeding and care, including the UAE, Germany, Kurdistan of Iraq, Luxembourg, and France, in pursuit of capturing his desired shots.

Furthermore, Bengin shares his expertise through lectures and workshops focused on equine and horse photography. These sessions delve into the distinctive characteristics of horses, providing valuable tips and tricks within the technicalities of capturing their beauty while weaving compelling narratives within the artwork. Moreover, Bengin has served as a jury member for prestigious photographic contests such as the HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Photographic Award for Arabian Horse.

In his photographic endeavors, Bengin primarily captures horses in their purest form, devoid of tack, halters, saddles, or any accessories. He believes that the essence of “freedom” is one of the most striking attributes of horses, and he endeavors to portray them in their unbridled majesty.

Bengin Ahmad’s unwavering passion, creative vision, and dedication to his craft have established him as a celebrated photographer and creative director. Through his lens, he not only captures the beauty and grace of horses but also tells compelling stories that transcend words, inviting viewers to experience the profound connection between humans and these magnificent creatures.