Edouard Elias

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Edouard Elias, born in 1991, is a courageous photographer dedicated to bearing witness to the social and humanitarian crises that unfold across the globe. With unwavering commitment, he ventures into the heart of wars, exoduses, repression, and poverty, capturing powerful images that expose the human condition.

Elias initially focused on “news” photography during the Syrian conflict, following rebel offensives against Bashar El Assad’s army. However, his journalistic journey took an unexpected turn when he was captured and held hostage by ISIS for a harrowing 11 months. This traumatic experience further ignited his resolve to shed light on the untold stories of those affected by crises worldwide.

Well 77, Iraq, January 2017: Firefighters from Iraqi oil company Naft Shamal have been battling Well 77 since three weeks @ÉDOUARD ELIAS
Edouard Elias delves beyond surface-level information to create an emotional connection between the viewer and his subjects. He employs various techniques to transcend traditional reporting, crafting narratives that resonate on a deeper level. From documenting the perilous rescues of refugees in the Mediterranean to capturing the struggles of civilian populations facing the atrocities of Boko Haram around Lake Chad, Elias fearlessly immerses himself amid crises. His photography reveals the resilience and courage of those facing adversity, bringing their stories to the forefront.
Driven by a desire to evoke empathy and understanding, Edouard Elias has embraced a slower methodology in his photographic practice. By cultivating intimate relationships with his subjects, he captures their stories in a profound and immersive way. Whether exploring the architecture of tribunals or meeting genocide survivors in Darfur, Elias seeks to bear witness to the human experience, delving beyond surface appearances to reveal the depth of emotions and personal narratives. His work illuminates the resilience and strength of marginalized communities, fostering a deeper understanding of their struggles.
Dombass, January 2017: A Ukrainian soldier returning to his observation post in an abandoned building near the front line.

Edouard Elias’s impactful work has garnered recognition and acclaim. He has received prestigious awards, including the Remi Ochlik Visa d’Or prize at Visa pour l’Image and the Sergeant Vermeille prize. His thought-provoking images have been exhibited at esteemed venues such as the Centre National des Arts & Métiers, Paris City Hall, and the National Museum of China in Beijing. Notable events like Paris Photo and London Craft Week have showcased his photographs. The National Museum of the Armies of the Invalids has acquired his works on the Foreign Legion and trench warfare in Ukraine, cementing his legacy in photography and historical documentation.