Martin Desmond Roe

Screenwriter | Producer | Director

Martin Desmond Roe is a Film, Television and Commercial Director who has won an Oscar, multiple Emmys and a Cannes Golden Lion during his 15 year career, which makes him a luminary in the film, television, and commercial direction. With British-American roots, Roe’s journey began at Oxford, where his passion for storytelling and filmmaking blossomed through staging plays. This early spark laid the groundwork for a remarkable career.

A pivotal moment in Roe’s career came in 2012 when he co-wrote the screenplay for “Buzkashi Boys,” directed by Sam French. “Buzkashi Boys” earned critical acclaim, winning numerous awards at film festivals and receiving a nomination for the Best Live Action Short Film at the 2013 Academy Awards. Post-education at USC film school, Roe boldly founded Dirty Robber, setting the stage for collaborations with major studios in film, television.

In 2017, Roe assumed the role of creative lead on the “Breaking2” sports documentary, a collaboration between Nike, National Geographic, and Dirty Robber. The documentary followed elite athletes attempting to break the two-hour marathon barrier, securing not only industry acclaim but also a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Roe’s influence extended to television with the Emmy-winning web series “Tom vs Time,” where he served as an executive producer. This venture showcased Roe’s ability to navigate diverse storytelling mediums, earning accolades for its outstanding serialized sports documentary.

A defining moment in Roe’s career came in 2020 with the co-direction of the impactful short film “Two Distant Strangers.” Addressing the urgent issue of police killings in the United States and starring Joey Bada$$ and Andrew Howard, the film earned Roe the highest honor—an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short in 2021. In 2023, Roe delved into documentary filmmaking with the HBO production “BS High,” co-directed alongside Travon Free. This documentary explored the Bishop Sycamore High School scandal, showcasing Roe’s versatility in tackling diverse and challenging subject matter.

As the founder and Creative Director of Dirty Robber Productions, Roe spearheaded notable projects like “Religion of Sports,” “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” (in collaboration with Kobe Inc.), “Why We Fight” (ESPN+), “Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam” (DIRECTV), and the documentary series “We are the Champions.” The company’s focus on documentaries, TV series, shows, and sports events reflects Roe’s commitment to diverse and engaging storytelling. Beyond the accolades, Roe’s influence permeates the industry, leaving an enduring legacy for future filmmakers.

Martin has worked with every major studio in Film Television and Commercials.

Academy Award for Best Live Action Short 2021 for Two Distant Strangers
Academy Award Nomination Best Live Action Short 2013 for Buzkashi Boys
Emmy for Tom vs Time on Facebook
Emmy for Stronger Together of The Olympics
Cannes Golden Lion for Breaking2
Clio for Kobe Bryant’s Muse