Roland Pokrywka

Roland Pokrywka


Roland Pokrywka, a versatile professional in the field, serves as a freelance photographer, tutor, and holds the position of managing director at DSLR Photography Courses Ltd, a prominent photography training provider based in London.

Under Roland’s leadership, DSLR Photography Courses Ltd has become one of London’s premier destinations for photography education, offering an extensive array of courses, workshops, and weekend classes tailored to photographers of all experience levels and diverse interests. From introductory sessions and short creative practice workshops for beginners to intermediate courses, travel photography, street photography, and night photography, the company caters to a wide spectrum of photographic pursuits.

The curriculum spans beyond the basics, encompassing specialized areas such as portraiture, studio lighting, product photography, beauty photography, and videography. Roland’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience is reflected in the diverse offerings that cater to the evolving interests and skill levels of photography enthusiasts. Whether one is a novice looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced photographer aiming to refine specific techniques, DSLR Photography Courses Ltd stands as a hub for cultivating photographic expertise.

Milky Way over Elephant Rock in the Valley of Fire
Since 2012, Roland and his team have worked with some of the UK’s top companies, schools and universities, providing bespoke hands-on workshops.
Thanks to his broad range of professional experience, Roland was able to help hundreds of photography enthusiasts learn new skills and kick-start their careers.
Waiting for the sunrise in the Arches National Park

With a technical background – having MA in Telecommunication and Electronics – between managing a busy photo business, running workshops, and a small web design studio, Roland finds peace and solitude photographing nature. His passion for travel, discovery and the great outdoors was the primary cause for his recent move to Panama.

Roland never stops learning and experimenting with cameras, lenses and creative techniques.