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Susi Belianska, a Milan-based photographer, embarked on her journey as an artist and photographer. Her initial experience in the fashion industry coincided with a successful postgraduate Master’s in Economics at LUISS University in Rome. This period marked the awakening of her passion for photography. In 2007, she wholeheartedly embraced photography, setting the stage for her remarkable artistic career.

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Susi’s photography talents quickly gained recognition as she started capturing diverse campaigns and catalogues for national and international brands. Her work graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Condè Nast – Vogue Italia, GQ, Financial Times, Vrij Magazine, L’Officiel, D Repubblica, and more. Notably, in 2012, she made it to the shortlist of the Sony World Photography Awards in the fashion category.

In 2013, Susi’s creativity shone through as she clinched the prestigious Nikon Talent Photo Contest, with her winning work prominently featured at the international contemporary art Artissima fair.
She became a regular presence at the Festival International de la Photographie de Mode in Cannes and continued to participate in renowned photography festivals, including the Ancona Photo Festival 2021 and the Grenze Photo Festival Verona 2022.
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Susi’s artistic journey has been marked by the development of personal projects within the realm of fine art photography. Her recent project, “Secret Garden,” is a testament to her creative vision. In this project, the fairy tale setting transforms the model into an almost ethereal creature, engaging in a captivating dialogue with the space while adorned in dresses created by a team of creative designers. “Secret Garden” stands as a remarkable example of her ability to infuse chromatic and environmental elements, which enrich the photographic compositions and harmonize with stunning architectural backdrops.

This recent endeavour underscores her continuous exploration of the boundaries of art and photography, solidifying her reputation as a Milan-based photographer of international acclaim. Since 2014, she has been represented by esteemed agencies, further cementing her presence in the global photography scene. Susi’s work continues to captivate audiences worldwide, making her a notable figure in the world of photography and fine art.


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Selected Exhibitions

Grenze Photo Festival, Verona 2022 – exhibition
Ancona Photo Festival Ancona 2021 – exhibition
Festival Imago, Orbetello, 2015 – president of jury
Photo Festival de Mode, Cannes 2011, 2012 – exhibition