York Hovest

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York Hovest, inspired by the immense power and beauty of the oceans, founded the global ocean conservation platform Heroes of the Sea.

A network of solutions designed to inform and educate people worldwide about the state of our oceans and how we can save them together. Based on the original illustrated book “Heroes of the Sea,” the multimedia project has been expanded since 2022 with the accompanying documentary film of the same name. Born and raised in Germany, York has lived in Munich for about 20 years, from where he plans his expeditions. He met His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, in 2011, resulting in a connection that continues today. Impressed by the words of the Buddhist monk and deeply touched by his fate, York travelled to Tibet in his first photo expedition. Three years later, under the auspices of National Geographic, York’s best-selling coffee table book “100 Days of Tibet – The promise” was published, for which the Dalai Lama wrote the foreword.

Book handover to His Holinesss in his exile residence in Dharamsala, India. Photo by: ©ReneShenouda
Two years later, the 2nd illustrated book, “100 Days of Amazonia”, was published. With impressive photographs of endangered indigenous peoples, Hovest drew attention to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and documented its exploitation. Since 2018 York has dedicated himself to what is probably, the most important element of our planet: water. A passion that accompanied him since his youth was the trigger for his current and most important project to date. “As a diver, you are incredibly lucky to be able to move into a second, alien world that welcomes you as a guest. But that this world is on the brink of the abyss, I would not accept!“
“Heroes of the Sea” is probably, for this very reason, a reflection of York`s fundamental attitude. Don’t talk, act! And without the raised forefinger, but with heart, blood and passion. But above all, the positive thought is that each of us can become part of the solution to save the oceans. Hence the title “Heroes of the Sea”. Because it’s about nothing less than those who bring forth the solutions we all need today. From sustainable innovations to changing entire economic cycles. From the small to the very large. Today, all these heroes are bundled in a database that is freely accessible to anyone who is interested. But the project was actually financed by donations, which York also collected at the World Economic Summit in Davos.
York in front of Sea Shepherd´s legendary vessel the Bob Barker. Photo by: ©AlejandraGimeno

With a coffee-table book, the data platform, and now also the accompanying documentary film, York has created an internationally acclaimed and award-winning project in the past three years that is intended to reach people worldwide. To raise even more awareness for the “Heroes of the Sea”, York rowed a rowboat across the Atlantic Ocean with two friends in 2020.

Because of his work and the passion evident in all of his projects, York Hovest is now a highly booked speaker, appearing before public audiences, such as the internationally renowned Federal Garden Show, and for large corporate clients, such as Deutsche Bank. In addition, York Hovest has been a welcome guest on many prestigious TV programs for years.

Books, Films and Exhibitions

100 Days of Tibet – The Promise – 2014 Published by National Geographic
100 Days of Amazonia – 2016 Published by National Geographic
Heroes of the Sea – 2018 Published by TeNeues publishing house

The Film documentary „Heroes of the Sea“ has won several awards and has been selected for dozens of film festivals worldwide. York Hovest as producer and main protagonist.

Best Documentary Award Winner, 4th Dimension Film Award Winner, Handle Climate Change Festival Finalist, Camgaroo Award Winner, Tifa Award Winner, Natur & Vision public award, Awareness Festival Honorable Mention, ARFF Amsterdam – Honorable Mention.

The same named global network database www.heroesofthesea.com won the international Planet-Hero-Award-2022 by Zurich Insurance Group.

2017: 100 Days of Amazonia – Leica-Exhibition at Horizonte Zingst Environmental Festival
2017: 100 Days of Amazonia – Fotodage Viborg in Denmark
2017: 100 Days of Amazonia – Leica Exhibition at Photokina Düsseldorf
2018: Heroes of the Sea – Outdoor Exhibition at Horizonte Zingst Environmental Festival
2019: Heroes of the Sea – Exhibition at Horizonte Zingst Environmental Festival
2019: 100 Days of Tibet – Exhibition at the Museum for Nature and Technology Salzburg
2020: Heroes of the Sea – The Atlantic-Ocean-Rowing at Horizonte Zingst Environmental Festival