Chantal Pinzi

Chantal Pinzi

Chantal Pinzi (born in 1996) is a young freelance photographer.
During her university studies at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, where she currently lives, she focused mainly on documentary photography. With her photography, she creates future memory, bears witness to everything in front of her camera and rescues it from oblivion.

Her empathetic personality together with her curious perspective and courage drove her to travel and discover the world. In Colombia, she met the Colombian photojournalist Henry Agudelo, with whom she collaborated for six months.
Thanks to this valuable friendship, she approached photojournalism and tackled difficult and sensitive subjects with the weapons in her power, word and image.

Chantal is strongly motivated to expose social injustice through her work; she is determined to make her voice heard and shed light on stories that are often overlooked or ignored. She often addresses issues related to the resilience of fractured and marginalized communities.

Her work has been published and exhibited internationally and has received awards in Lagois Fotowettbewerb, LensCulture, IPOY, Maghreb Photography Awards, the Huffpost Italia Prize, Contemporarte UHU, the International Photography Prize Esperanza Pertusa, the Passepartout Prize, and more.

I’m a visual activist. Through my photography, I resist the passage of time, I resist oblivion, and I resist silence.”