Nico Moreno

Nico Moreno Bio Headshot

Cinematographer | Director | Sound Designer | Editor

Nico Moreno was raised in New York and from childhood has shown an interest in story telling through the digital median. Nico started his professional career in high school making sports highlight reels. Nico quickly realized the concept “Artist as a Business” and pursued a professional career in the film making world wherever he saw the opportunity to gain knowledge. Throughout his years as a student Nico took on mentors and internships and eventually started his own production company producing digital video content for some of the world’s leading artists and brands such as Kenneth Willardt, L’Oreal, Moroccan Oil, Solgaard, B&H, Vice, Chamber Magic, Third Bull Co & many others.

Nico continues his journey as a business owner & digital artist creating branded content. Social media is where most of Nico’s work can be viewed. Amassing millions of views on his original content, its clear Nico has his fingers on the pulse of emerging content production methods, trends and culture.

Early in Nico’s career, he was asked to take part in creating the first ever augmented reality beauty book by Kenneth Willardt. During this time, Nico was an intermediate After Effects user. After Effects was the program being used to create the animations which would be displayed in an augmented reality format when a viewer would scan a page of the book with a phone. To make sure he did not miss out on the opportunity Nico buckled down and practiced his After Effects skill set until he reached expert level. This feat showed developers in the tech space the power of After Effects and to Nico, where the power of will and desire to make a major achievement will take him. Nico has taken this lesson with him and credits it to the origins of his professional career.