Sami Sasso


Sami Sasso was born in Dakar, Senegal to Lebanese parents. He spent his formative years in Nigeria and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1996, where he currently resides. After pursuing a BFA in Photography at the American University in Dubai, he started working in the photography industry as an assistant and slowly moved his way up to becoming a freelance photographer.

Ferrari 599
From a young age, the main reason he picked up a camera was to photograph cars. Even today you often catch him saying “If it were up to me? I’d be photographing cars for the rest of my life”. So you would often find him mingling with the local car clubs, out for a drive or taking images of a car at an impossible location just to prove it could be done. His career currently revolves around automotive and event photography – shooting for various local and international publications.
In 2021 he launched the ‘Fragment Series’ – an in-depth study between cars and colours offered as a limited run (25 editions) fine art print.
In 2022 the Fragment series was exhibited at the digital art gallery kanvas. The exhibit offered a limited 1-of-1 print as well as an immersive projection with never before seen images from the Fragment library.
Three Wheeler

July 2022 – Fragment Series solo exhibition at Kanvas gallery