Steve Richards

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STEVE RICHARDS is the founder and CEO of Endurance Media, a feature film finance and production company based in Santa Monica, CA. Started in 2015, Endurance utilizes a $250 million financing structure to produce and finance films in the $20 – 60 million range. Richards has held the roles of Co-President and COO over the past 25 years and has provided leadership and expertise throughout his career in producing, corporate management, film production, financial structuring, capital procurement and strategic business development.

Richards has produced over 40 feature films in various capacities, with credits including “The Matrix Reloaded”, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, “Book of Eli”, “Rock n Rolla”, “Unknown” and “Non-Stop”.

From 1995 to 2014, Richards presided over Silver Pictures during a highly prolific period of film production and distribution, including the release of numerous blockbusters, such as the groundbreaking “The Matrix” trilogy and the highly successful “Sherlock Holmes” franchise. During his tenure, Richards grew the company from a studio-based company to a dynamic boutique production and distribution company, generating over $5 billion in worldwide box office revenues. Richards expanded Silver Pictures’ affiliations and managed key relationships with entertainment, media and other industry leaders, including Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Warner Home Video, Cartoon Network, Village Roadshow, HBO, Mercedes Benz, Heineken and GM. In 2012, Richards also forged a key strategic relationship with StudioCanal and negotiated a first-look, multi-year film production arrangement to produce up to 6 feature films distributed in the US by Universal Pictures.


Richards, who holds an MBA from the Andersen School at UCLA (1997) and a BA from Temple University (1990), has been involved with many #1 box office openings, as well as highly grossing films