Talib Almarri


Talib Almarri’s love for photography began in 2016 and soon became a passion that would reflect his thoughts and his viewpoint through all aspects of photography, until the time when that passion turned into a departure from familiar philosophy and outward thinking and liberation from the basic rules in order to reach his comfortable state of creativity

Talib’s creativity has no ceiling when trying to satisfy his passion and taste in style while pleasing photography lovers as well, and honestly, as Almarri says, “one of the most difficult challenges I live with is that tomorrow’s work should be better than today”.
Such challenges and brainstorming serve the development of his artistic outlook and visual culture that only grows by studying the work of those who preceded him in the fine art wildlife photography genre.
Standing in front of pictures asking himself the question “what makes this image good or great” Talib will continue to ask himself many questions until he translates these questions and answers into a work that satisfies his taste and passion.
One of the most important things for Talib is to use every element in the environment to serve and enhance the image from the surrounding environment and to try to frame pictures that please his eyes, emotions and thoughts before he clicks the shutter to capture them through the camera.

Almarri strongly believes not to try and imitate any other images but instead to understand what makes a great image and how can it be enhanced and developed by adding his own interpretation so that he has a unique fingerprint, according to his taste.

In March 2022 Talib Almarri participated in 21,39 JEDDAH ARTS organized by SAC in Saudi Arabia, curated by Venetia Porter.